Wat Arun & Wat Pho


Went to Wat Arun, across the river from the Royal Palace.

Maria at Wat Arun

Made up largely of smashed-up crockery…

building material

… but the result is pretty impressive.

Hey, what’s the holdup?

Most markets and temples here have lots of resident cats. This one was sleeping on the lap of 2 other women. They arose and placed him on the bench. He made a beeline for my lap and went immediately back to sleep.

Cat’s in the cradle.

We crossed the river by ferry to Wat Pho (or Bo – Thai is pretty free and easy with transliteration). Marvelled at the reclining Buddha, 30-odd meters long.

‘Attsa lotta Buddha!

Maria went for a Thai message in one of the premier massage schools in the country, which we discovered was located here. (Thank you, Google.)

More strolling though the grounds.

Wat Pho
Enlightenment – I don’t know what it is
Wat Pho