4,000 Islands, or Si Phan Don

We make it to the 4,000 Islands in southern Laos, after our character-building trip from Kong Lo. Our buttocks still haven’t forgiven us the five hours spent bouncing around the back of a truck.

So a few days spent in sybaritic idleness is called for. On our way, we see a big snake on the road – our first in Asia. It’s supposed to be good luck.

From the village of Ban Nakasang, we hire a boat to one of the islands in the Mekong.

4,000 Islands
Ready, Aye, Ready!

The island we have in mind is Don Khon.

You need a boat to get there

This archipelago is popular for its river view guesthouses.

4,000 Islands

There’s not much to do on these islands except relax. We rent bicycles during the day and circle the island.

Setting out

This is the neighbouring island, Don Det.

The paths are free of traffic.

Rush hour on Don Khon

I can check ‘Pet a live pig’ off of my bucket list.

4,000 Islands
Say hello to my little fren’…

Halfway around the island.

4,000 Islands
Fishing boats

The French built a railway here to carry gunboats past the Mekong rapids in order to further their insatiable greed for imperialist expansion Mission Civilisatrice.

4,000 Islands
Old railway bridge from colonial times

We look forward to getting back to our veranda.

4,0000 Islands
Our deck overlooking the river

At the end of the day, we relax and watch the sun go down.

4,000 Islands
Sunset over Don Det

Sight or Insight of the Day – 4,000 Islands.

Yuletide is rapidly approaching. There are reminders, even here, of the holiday season.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

‘Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I’ll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams’

4,000 Islands
I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Happy holidays, everyone.