Mirissa – Sri Lanka South

We go from Colombo to the beach town of Mirissa, in the south.

Departure from Colombo Fort railway station

First, we catch the train to Matara. It’s late.

So much of travel is waiting or delay‘ – Paul Theroux (second time we’ve used this quote)

Not only is the train late – this train is supposed to begin at Fort station, ensuring that we get a seat (the entire train is unreserved). As it turns out, it begins one station before, so it’s packed by the time we board.

Close quarters on Sri Lanka Railways

We squish three to a seat. It’s better than standing.

Maria makes new friends

The day is overcast. By the time we arrive, there is thunder, lightning, and torrential rain.

We pass many small stations along the way.

Ahangama station

If you like, you can hang out of the door for thrilling action shots.

The next day dawns bright and sunny in Mirissa.

The firstborn daughter of our good friends in Ottawa was named after this beach. She is now a beautiful 22-year-old.

Beautiful beach. Beautiful name.

There’s plenty of fresh fish to be had.

A seafood dinner awaits

This is what it looks like before it’s on the plate.

Fishing is how people make a living around here.

An older gentleman does it old school.

The Old Man and the Sea

The local seabirds eat well, too.

Tern diving for his lunch

Fishermen use unusually-narrow, stand-up outrigger fishing boats.

Actually, we stay in Bandaramulla, about a half kilometre past Mirissa town.

On the left is Assi, the host of our guest house. He’s a keen surfer.

The main village of Mirissa is a bit overdeveloped these days. Where we are, we enjoy a small private beach and lots of peace and quiet.

We develop a routine of sorts: breakfast, time at the beach.

Pete brings copies of The Economist from home for me, by request

Afternoons of leisure. Some more time at the beach.

Palm trees galore.

Atop Coconut Hill

We try to see the sunset most evenings.

Many ships pass by
Arabian Sea sunset

Sight or Insight of the Day

We don’t really have one for this entry. It’s a pretty lackadaisical few days on the south coast.

We find a local cafe where we have lunch and a cool drink at noon.

Time for a Lion Lager

Then it’s back up the coast to the fortress town of Galle.