New City

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai means “New City” and was so named because it became the new capital of Lan Na when it was founded in 1296, according to Wikipedia. (La Na was another one of the many kingdoms that preceded the present Thai kingdom in olden times, apparently.)

Left Sukhothai in an interesting stretch tuk-tuk to New Sukhoti.

Note the garland of marigolds hanging from the driver’s mirror:

Here, flowers are more for offerings than for home decoration. People offer up things to temples, trees, bridges. We later saw a woman creating these in a Chiang Mai market.

That’s ice underneath!

Came across a wonderful teakwood wat…

Wat Phan Tao

…with a skillfully-carved stone gate…

“Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way…”

…and some delightful kite-like things hanging inside.

Note the Chinese astrological beasties.

Chiang Mai is a walled city. Its claim to fame seems to be markets. There’s an awful lot of commerce going on.

Warorot market – Do you have this in orange?

I bought an umbrella, for the sun. This is something Maria just had to try in the Night Market: fish therapy.

That tickles!

The idea is, the minnows ever-so-gently nibble away at the dead skin cells of your feet. Very refreshing (so I’m told).