Chiang Mai Part 3 – a pair of birthdays

After the overnight sleeper from Bangkok, we arrive in Chiang Mai for the third time this trip.

We’re here to meet our nephew, Danny. He’s been rock-climbing down south in Ton sai. Also here in the area of Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai
The Road to Chiang Mai

We take in a few sights we haven’t seen, such as the Royal Gardens at Phuping Palace. Our shorts, modest enough for entry into temples, don’t cut it for entry to royal sites. We fabricate some impromptu longis.

Chiang Mai
Big bamboo

We also visit the nearby Doi Suthep temple. We put our names on a piece of cloth that is wound around the pagoda. Hey, can’t hurt.

Among other things, Doi Suthep has a great view of Chiang MaI.

Bird’s eye view

Nice tinkly bells, too.

Chiang Mai
‘An’ the sunshine an’ the palm-trees an’ the tinkly temple-bells…’ – Kipling

It’s great being with Danny. We try to be good guides. For example, we take in a few markets.

Chiang Mai
At the Sunday walking market
Loaves available at the next stall

We visit a few more temples, whose names I forget.

chiang mai
Temple x
Chiang Mai
Temple y
Temple z

While resting, I come under attack from the temple guard dog, a merciless beast. I barely escape with my hat intact.

Chiang Mai
Travel has its pups and downs.

On the way to a dinner of roast duck, we come across a tournament of sepak takraw. The players move a rattan ball over a net with balletic overhead kicks.

Chiang Mai
Frankly, the rules were over my head.

Sight or Insight of the Day – Chiang Mai

January 10 is the birthday of both Danny and Maria. On the day, Maria buys candles from a shop around the corner, and sticks them in pieces of fruit.

Chiang Mai
‘Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow! ‘- King Lear

Turns out they’re trick candles that keep reigniting. We finally douse them in water.

Danny and Maria treat themselves to massages as a birthday indulgence. We celebrate with a great lunch in an upscale-but-kitschy-in-an-Asian-way restaurant.

Danny returns to Vancouver via Phuket this afternoon.