Koh Phayam – paradise regained?

In the previous post, I said ‘I don’t thing it’s gonna happen’, about finding another Lazy Beach scenario.  I may have to eat those words. Instead of paradise lost, we may have a case of paradise regained.

paradise regained
Buffalo Bay

We decide to stay a couple of weeks here.

paradise regained
Path to the restaurant

(Then our 30-day visas expire.)

After scouting the eastern side of the island, we find these near-perfect digs. Maria spends the day swimming and exercising on the beach.

paradise regained
View of the bay from our balcony

I spend my time reading in the hammock.

paradise regained

Not bad for CAD$20.00 per night. The only drawback is patchy internet service, hence the long lapse between blog posts.

We’ve even changed our minds about renting motorscooters. Touring around on a scooter is pretty sweet!

paradise regained
Bicycles? We don’t need no steenkin’ bicycles!

Our trusty scooter takes us to places like this around the island.

paradise regained
Deserted beach
Hilltop bar
pradise regained

We are also happy to meet our friends Ulf and Susane once more.

paradise regained
Our fourth country for meeting up.

They have been to Koh Lanto and Koh Pangan. We convince them to visit Koh Phayam.

Ulf and I mount up.

Scooter fury

To get to this village, we pull ourselves across an estuary on a self-service ferry.

On our return, we find the ‘ferry’ on the opposite side. Maria volunteers to swim across and retrieve it single-handedly.

<hum ‘Song of the Volga Boatmen’ here>

At last, we go to Jens’s restaurant (where we rented the scooters) before Ulf and Susane catch the boat to Ranong. They spend  a few days in Bangkok before returning to Hanover after 5 months in Asia.

Insight or insight of the Day – Paradise Regained

Remember the giant monitor lizards we saw in Kanchanaburi? We have them here as well.

pradise regained
Why did the lizard cross the footpath?

In fact, one took up temporary residence atop the wall in our bathroom.

paradise regained
Leapin’ lizards!

We named him Lorenzo, for the sake of alliteration.

Oh, and in case you ever wonder what a pineapple looks like when it’s a’growing, it looks like this.

Pineapple express