The Road to Trongsa

From Punakha we drive to Trongsa. Much of the route follows these death-defying dirt roads.

Glad I’m not driving…

As usual, around mid-morning we stop for a tea.

Time for a cuppa

We pass many stupas along the way.

We eventually arrive at the outskirts of town.

Trongsa Dzong from the other side of the valley

Downtown Trongsa is a hive of activity.

We get a view of the dzong from our hotel room balcony.

At our hotel, a man paints decorative dragons on the doorway.

In the valley below is a dam for a hydro-power project.

Hydro exported to India

The fortress/monastery is a short stroll away.


We befriend a kitten.

‘He who is kind to animals, heaven will protect.’ – Gautama Buddha

Pretty amazing doors are standard in these places.

Gotta keep the monkeys out, though.

Tula takes this photo as we look out from an ornate upper gallery.

Coming out of the woodwork

Sight or Insight of the Day – Trongsa

We read ‘Beyond the Sky and the Earth‘, by Jamie Zeppa. A quick read, and schmaltzy in the way of most chick-lit, but interesting in that many of its observations are still evident in Bhutan today. (The political tension is much reduced now.)

Bhutan is the kind of place that lends itself to over-romanticization. The country is making hay with its ‘Gross National Happiness‘ initiative – seems like a Bhutan Tourism Board marketing gimmick, really. Bhutan is already a kinder, gentler place than any surrounding country, but that’s probably more because they are a small, Buddhist country rather than anything else.