Just a quick entry to let the world know where we are.

We are happy to be here in Johannesburg, security concerns notwithstanding.

People take their security very seriously in Joburg these days. Most businesses and residential areas cower behind high walls and electrified fencing.

Good fences make good neighbours

We stay in Sandton, probably the safest area in Johannesburg. Centrally located, we take Ubers everywhere, like most non-poor Joburgers.

Just as well that’s it’s cool and rainy for this time of year. We have a lot of business to take care of.

Visiting the Apartheid Museum

Our original plan is to purchase a car to drive around South Africa and the surrounding countries.

…it’s a long walk

It turns out you cannot buy a car if you are a casual visitor to South Africa. So we do a long-term rental instead. We pick up a minuscule vehicle called a ‘Datsun Go‘.

We name him Nelson, in honour of Mr. Mandela. Our first stop is Kruger National Park, where we hope to pass some time before spending Christmas in Mozambique.