Random Rambles – Reprise

OK, enough is enough. It’s time to get back out on the road.

We leave today for the Republic of Georgia. Why Georgia, you ask? Why not? You have to start somewhere.

Originally, we planned to describe in brief how the last two-years-plus has gone. Like most people, we’ve been stuck at home. Of course, first we had to find a home.

There’s no place like home

Which we did. We are now condo-dwellers. So we won’t be quite as footloose as before.

Maria has become a pickleball enthusiast. I’ve been reading lots of books. Mostly old stuff.

This Must Be The Place

As for recapping noteworthy goings-on, we just haven’t been doing that much. We weren’t even thinking of going anywhere until very recently.

Travel-wise, we went on several canoe trips with friends. And dipped our toes in international travel by visiting Old Orchard Beach, Maine, at the invitation of our friend John.

So this is a short entry in aid of re-learning how compose a blog page, basically.

Sight or Insight of the Day (Year?)

Probably the event that stands out in the recent past is our encounter with a fawn.

Deer me

It’s a long story. While at the cottage, we came across a baby deer that had lost its mother. We took it to a wildlife rehabilitation centre an hour’s drive away. The fawn stayed in Maria’s lap most of the way.

Creature comfort

So long, Ottawa. Tbilisi, here we come.