Quiet Days in Tbilisi, Continued

We end up spending a week in Tblisi. We visit a few markets, including the desertirebis bazari (deserter’s bazaar) food market.

Ye shall know them by their fruits.’ – Matthew 7:16

We look for hidden treasure at the Dry Bridge flea market.

Not a flea in sight

Tblisi is known for its sulphur baths. Maria hopes to take the plunge one rainy afternoon, if one comes along.

Tbilisi means ‘warm place’

While crossing the Peace Bridge we come across a wedding photo session. Note the dog in a state of complete relaxation in the foreground.

For dinner, Maria chows down on Shkmeruli, which is chicken in a garlic/milk sauce. Mmmm.

Note the generous hunks of bread

Sight or Insight of the Day

People in Georgia strongly support Ukraine in its struggles in Putin’s War. There are Ukrainian colours everywhere. Sometimes the message is very obvious, as in the seat cushions of this restaurant.

Pillow talk

Sometimes subtly incorporated into everyday items, like this ad in the Metro for a local snack food.

Russian atrocities are escalating

Sometimes not so subtly, as in the message on this receipt from a pharmacy. (Georgia experienced its own ‘special military operation’ in 2008.)

Nyet, nyet, Soviet

And sometimes in undisguised loathing. This sticker is on an ATM and the message is clear.

No Russian Pigs Allowed

All this takes a certain amount of guts. The Russian border is less than 200 KMs from where we sit. Vladimir Putin could wake up any morning and decide to complete the liberation of Georgia. A simple case of chafing hemorrhoids could push him over the edge.