Tanah Rata – Cameron Highlands Part II

On day three of our stay in Tanah Rata, we tackle trail No. 9. It begins on the outskirts of town.

Tanah Rata
Robinson Falls

At the start, the trail is conveniently paved with bricks.  Eventually these give out and become a muddy track, with frequent downed trees to negotiate around.

We come across interesting botanical specimens.

Tanah Rata
Some kind of yellow orchid

There are no markings on the trail, so when it begins to deteriorate, the going gets rougher.

This plant has striking blue leaves.

Tanah Rata
Got the blues

Something that looks like a coffee bean.

Tanah Rata
I see red

And giant prehistoric-looking ferns. Here’s one in the fiddlehead stage.

Tanah Rara

Eventually, the trail peters out into an up-and-down titanic struggle against steep hillsides and thorny brush. 

Tanah Rata
Nice purple flowers.

We get so lost, we abandon what’s left of the trail and bail out at a vegetable farm.

Tanah Rata
Abandoning the trail

We get lost along the road, too, despite having navigational doodads on the IPhone. Before we have to resort to cannibalism, we flag down a passing taxi (thank you, God!) and ride in luxury. We save a 13-kilometer walk, mostly uphill, back to Tanah Rata. You gotta know when to fold ’em.

Sight or Insight of the Day – Tanah Rata

We spy some pitcher plants.

Tanah Rata
Also known as a monkey cup

These are carnivorous. Besides bugs, they also chow down on any small  vertebrates unfortunate enough to fall in. Why does this make us think of the Little Shop of Horrors?