‘Came so far for beauty…’

…I left so much behind.‘ – Leonard Cohen

We can’t seem to tear ourselves away from the beach. While in the neighbourhood of Tofo, we spend four nights at Barra Beach.

Roughing it

We camp in our tent, a stone’s throw from the beach.

Barra Beach

We decide to return to Travessia Lodge because it’s so idyllic.

Looking North
Looking South
Maria and Teekay

We spend three glorious days here doing absolutely nothing.

It’s a full moon while we’re here.

Full moon over Travessia

We return to Tofo to go on a snorkeling safari to see some whale sharks. We actually see some! We get to swim within a few meters of them.

We are so impressed with the Liquid Dive experience that I take a ‘Discover SCUBA Diving’ course. Stu (from the UK) is my first instructor.

Newbie in the pool

After learning some basics in the pool, we depart for a first open water dive.

Getting a boat out to sea against the surf here is a challenge.

Team effort

I enjoy it so much, we decide to stay on so I can get my PADI certification.

Meanwhile, Maria goes out for a snorkeling trip to see some seahorses.

Typical Tofo scenery

It’s a long walk to the water.

Joe, Hannah, and Alberto

Along the way, they spot a flock of flamingos.

The locals harvest shellfish at low tide.

Kids, too.

Oyster catcher

It’s a pleasure staying here for the time it takes to do this PADI course. We stay in the on-site accommodation.

Plenty of time for the beach, plus yoga sessions, plus exercise, plus….

Training is almost complete. This is Naomi (from the UK), my diving guru, and Chris (from the Netherlands), who is qualifying for his Divemaster certification.

Checking the kit

This is a shot after Maria gets everyone to wave for the camera.

Tori, Chris, Naomi, and Denis

And eventually, the day arrives that I become a PADI-certified open water diver.

The Life Aquatic
Underwater photos courtesy of Tori 🌞

Finally, we must leave the Liquid resort. It’s kind of sad – this place has the same family/community atmosphere we experienced at Zane’s in Sumatra.

In a world with so much disharmonious crap in it – we’re looking at you, Donald Trump – it’s rare to stumble onto a haven of niceness.

May such places thrive and grow. Bye-Bye, Liquid. <sniff>

Sight or Insight of the Day – Happy Birthday, Maria

One of the main reasons we return to Travessia is to celebrate Maria’s birthday. Which we do.

Maria’s birthday coffee, with flowers and small gifts.

In the evening, Adel makes Maria a delicious chocolate cake.